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  • Psychic Self Defense, Awareness, and Protection Workshop 2023
    Apr 29, 1:00 PM EDT – Apr 30, 1:00 PM EDT
    Live over Zoom
    You are not a victim to the intensity of this modern world. Join us as we learn to understand the dynamics of psychic attack, defense, and protection. You will learn to how to strengthen the mind/body/spirit complex and begin to truly take your power back on an entirely new level.
  • The Art of Multidimensional Tarot and Energy Reading 2023 Edition!!
    Mar 05, 1:00 PM EST – Apr 02, 1:00 PM EDT
    Live on Zoom
    A 5 week journey of learning to read the energy of human body, connect with Spirit guides, and to understand this strange realm through the lens of Multidimensional Tarot. After this class you will be able to read for yourself or others!!
  • 4th Density Survival Skills Meridian Body Clearing and Activation Workshop 2023
    Jan 08, 4:00 PM
    Online Via Zoom
    The next phase of REAL Multidimensional Intuitive Healer training begins Jan. 8th 2023!! We will be embarking on 6 week journey of learning to heal, clear, and activate our energy bodies using our bodies' true energetic circuitry system, the Meridians!


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My name is Matthew Aaron Mournian. I am a Multidimensional Energy Healer and Intuitive Reader specializing in the clearing, balancing, and removal of negative energetic manifestations from the body.  My current mission is to assist with healing the human body and our collective consciousness through the activation of the expanding multidimensional intuitive healing abilities that exist within each of us.

My current practice follows a 3 part protocol of tarot/spirit guide consultation, elements of hypnotherapy and then direct transmission of multidimensional healing energy to release dead energy, blocked emotion, or a host of other physical, emotional, and energetic maladies from the body.

In cases of implantation, entity/parasitic attachment, or other forms of negative energetic manifestation I also use an ancient Extra Terrestrial healing modality known as Scalar Toning to open and release the layers of the energy body on an unprecedented level.

As a former addiction counselor and mental health professional my primary focus is on clearing the negative energy in our lives that block us from truly knowing ourselves and realizing our life's purpose. Whether it be through intuitive consultation, energy clearing, or implant removal it is my mission to assist with the liberation of mankind during this time of great awakening and expansion of human consciousness.



In this session we clear negative energy, emotion and trauma residue from from your chakras, meridians, and organ centers. Think of this like a deep cleaning of deepest layers of the energy body. In some cases this can facilitate massive shifts in healing, clarity and intuitive activation.


Annora connects to the current energy of your planetary alignment, auric field, and your spirit guides. We will uncover the dimensional areas of planetary energy and its effect on our daily objectives. Annora seeks to provide clarity, enlightenment, and guidance to answer your questions about your current life path, career, relationships, and the expansion of the self.


Annora Mournian is an intuitive healer, celestial reader, light body activator, and parental consultant for raising children's awareness of the cosmic self. Annora connects to the current energy of your planetary alignment, auric field, and spirit guides. She sheds light on the internal aspects of the multidimensional self shared between others during this lifetime.


She provides tools and techniques that heal and connect to the inner self, such as the neurographica method. She facilitates the crystalline grid activation to awaken and reclaim the light body.


Annora provides consultations to families with children for brain injury, post-surgery care, and parents who strive to create an environment in their highest alignment with the cosmic self. She combines her understanding of the sensory system along with spiritual teachings.


Annora guides you to access the inner knowing and truth of your highest potential and provides transmission of subtle energies to integrate your ability to access the keys of the wisdom of Gaia.


She shares her practice in The School of Multidimensional Intuition along with Matthew Mournian. Annora seeks to provide clarity, enlightenment, and guidance to answer your questions about your current life path, relationships, and self-expansion. Reintegration of the sacred gifts our light body holds for ourselves and in service of activation for the collective.


We live in a multidimensional realm. This is an absolute fact for all of us whether or not we choose to accept it. During the physical incarnation experience as a human being some of us will experience a host of negative situations, energies, and entities whose sole purpose of existence is to feed off of the negative energy and emotion created by fear, pain, sadness and rage. Many of us can live our whole lives not understanding the gravity or severity of the spiritual weight we are living under and often accept it as "normal" or "just how I am". In these sessions we clear the body of negative spirit attachments, implants, energetic parasites, and toxic threads holding us back from feeling and realizing our true potential as humans.



You are a multidimensional being who came into this physical realm with a mission - a specific set of goals and objectives that you chose to discover, activate, and complete during your lifetime as a human. In these sessions we remove the blockages, attachments, parasites, and overlays that exist within the many layers of our body/mind/soul complex that may be holding us back from experiencing and activating our true potential. We utilize a combination of tarot/spirit guide consultation, chakra balancing, Scalar Toning, and direct transfer of life force energy to clear and strengethen the connection between the physical body and the frequency of our higher self. This can lead to amazing shifts in healing, personal empowerment, timeline and lifepath activation in ways we never thought possible.

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