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I am a psychic, intuitive empath and energetic healer specializing in clearing, balancing, and removing negative energy and emotion from the body. I use an integrated method of tarot reading, hypnotherapy, and energy transmission/extraction that  can literally shift your state of being in an amazingly short period of time. As a certified addiction counselor and clearing practitioner my primary focus is on healing and clearing the negative emotional attachments and energetic threads that block us from truly knowing ourselves and realizing our life's mission. 

In my energy clearing work I use a method of removing and clearing entities, spiritual attachments and energetic parasites from the body known as Golden Frequency Attunement that can lead to immediate and powerful personal shifts. As a lifelong ET contactee my work also extends to those seeking counseling for MILAB/ET abduction, SSP/MAP deprogramming, implant removal and survivors of ritual abuse. 

My work is tailored directly to the individual needs of each client and can often be cathartic and transformative on a completely unexpected level.  


This is a great option for people with specific questions about their life path, career direction, relationship guidance, and personal starseed mission discovery.


I clear negative energy, emotion and trauma residue from the bodies' energy centers. In many cases we can remove karmic blockages and activate energy centers that are often shut down by a life time of trauma, abuse, or neglect. In some cases this can facilitate massive shifts in healing and empowerment.


We live in a multidimensional realm. This is an absolute fact for all of us whether or not we choose to accept it. During the physical incarnation experience as a human being some of us will experience a host of negative situations, energies, and entities whose sole purpose of existence is to feed off of the negative energy and emotion created by fear, pain, sadness and rage. Many of us can live our whole lives not understanding the gravity or severity of the spiritual weight we are living under and often accept it as "normal" or "just how I am". In these sessions we clear the body of negative spirit attachments, implants, energetic parasites, and toxic threads holding us back from feeling and realizing our true potential as humans.


You are a multidimensional being who came into this physical realm with a mission - a specific set of goals and objectives that you chose to discover, activate, and complete during your lifetime as a human. In these sessions we remove the blockages, attachments, parasites, and overlays that exist within the many layers of our body/mind/soul complex that may be holding us back from experiencing and activating our true potential. We utilize a combination of tarot/spirit guide consultation, chakra balancing, sound code transmission, and Golden Frequency Attunement to clear and strengethen the connection between the physical body and the frequency of our higher self. This can lead to amazing shifts in healing, personal empowerment, timeline and lifepath activation in ways we never thought possible.

Matt is a gifted energy worker who provided a warm and inviting space for deep healing and clearing. He expertly guided me through a personal energy clearing that left me feeling light, refreshed, and clear. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking similar services. It's a great way to give yourself a clean slate before making a big decision or move in your life. Or for those times when things get you down and you're not seeing clearly. The emotional release work was remarkable. I could feel baggage, regret, and anxiety lifting from my shoulders, out through my feet, solar plexus and temples.

-Justin D

I genuinely don't know where to start with this recommendation because working with Matthew was so incredibly profound. I have worked in and around the energetic practitioner community for quite a few years. I have experienced the good, the bad, and (unfortunately) the charlatans. Matthew Mournian is above and beyond the absolute real deal. What I experienced in our session and integrated over the next few days was reality-changing and I could not be more humble and grateful for his service. I earnestly recommend his services to anyone that is ready for the next level!

-Kalyn A

Matthew is amazing. I've facilitated energy work for 17 years and I'm very picky about who I allow to work on me. We were chatting about our different ways of doing things, so he grabbed my hand to show me what his energy feels like. I was shocked at how powerful it was. When we worked together a few days later, his intuition hit on something that I've been trying to clear for years! Once it surfaced, he was able to help me heal it. He is a humble, beautiful soul with a very special gift.

-Barbara B

First time experience with Matthew. His mannerisms and professionalism towards the treatment were of the highest order.

The ease which I felt under hypnotherapy was so tranquil. I literally could feel the draw into this state, yet still aware.

I appreciated most, the confidence he portrayed in me helped me immensely.

Questions were answered instantly and I felt that this was something he took pride in doing and did not feel like it "was just business".

Highly recommended.
Thank you Matthew

-Lerisha G


Los Angeles, CA, USA