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Beginning FALL 2021


Online via Zoom

6 Month Intuitive Activation and Multidimensional Training Program - The 20

A Highly specialized multimonth individual training program for the Teachers, Healers, Mystics and Spiritual Warriors of the New Earth

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6 Month Intuitive Activation and Multidimensional Training Program - The 20
6 Month Intuitive Activation and Multidimensional Training Program - The 20

Time & Location

Beginning FALL 2021

Online via Zoom

About The Event

BEGINNING FALL 2021 - The next round of our 6 month training program designed to assist a group of 20 multidimensional travellers, explorers, healers, and mystics of the new earth.  The Mission: To the train a group of highly specialized multidimensional operatives who have chosen to give their lives in service of planetary liberation and the expansion of human consciousness on the Earth plane. Individuals will receive private consultation and training in developing your true intuitive multidimensional abilities - understanding your speciality, and learning how to adapt this to fit into our current realm in a practical, usable sense.  The Process: 20 individuals will meet with Matthew or Annora 2x per month for individual consultation, energy clearing and private development of your own unique multidimensional intuitive skills. In between weeks we will meet as a group over Zoom to discuss and work intimately on healing the mind/body/spirit complex through activating and discussing our discoveries in a judgement free contained environment. You being your program with an energy clearing and then an astral cartography and Timeline mapping session with Annora to help you understand your strengths and chart your path for the months ahead. After that we meet each week - one individually the next as a group - for a total of 6 months. After this process you will not be the same.  The Program: 12 Private 1hr sessions held every other week over 6 months - 2 private sessions per month with 12 in total. 12 1hr group process and discussion sessions over 6 months in-between weeks with Matthew and everyone else in this group. 2 private Astral Cartography session with Annora at the beginning of your journey and 90 day review  6 months of Remote Rife Therapy - Detox program for the first 2 weeks of your program and then ongoing Chakra clearing therapy using remote Rife frequency generators during each session. This can also target a number of other maladies in the body. You will need to send a DNA sample (fingernail or toenail) for this form of treatment to be truly effective. Free Admission to ALL courses held by the School of Multidimensional Intuition for one year  Program Cost: $3000 total, payable in monthly installments if desired after initial deposit.

To learn more about remote Rife therapy and the technology we will be using during your journey check this out:

If you been wondering how to truly clear the human body and develop your latent intuitive abilities both individual and with a group of others over a dedicated and intensive multi-month period, here's your chance - join us! 

*This is an intensive program that may not be for everyone. Understand that results will vary based on your level of committment and dedication to your own transformation. Before you can begin this journey we will need to have a quick interview to see if this program will be a good a fit for you. Please understand, after this process you will not be the same.


  • Intuitive Training 2021

    This is a multimonth inuitive training program. Before you can formally begin this journey we will need to have a quick interview to see if this process is right for you. If approved you can pay an an initial deposit and then follow up with monthly payments or pay in full. You can see our other tiers and training price levels here:

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