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Sat, Oct 01


Live online via Zoom

Level 3 Intensive Intuitive Activation Training Program - Fall 2022/2023

This is our most transformational and intensive process - A truly unique 6 month journey of multidimensional training, healing, intuitive activation AND remote Rife Treatments. Classes, private sessions, and more!! After this you will not be the same.

Registration for level 3 by request only - email me at
Contact for registration
Level 3 Intensive Intuitive Activation Training Program - Fall 2022/2023
Level 3 Intensive Intuitive Activation Training Program - Fall 2022/2023

Time & Location

Oct 01, 2022, 4:00 PM EDT – Mar 26, 2023, 4:00 PM EDT

Live online via Zoom

About The Event

We are living in a time on earth in which extraordinary multidimensional powers and unprecedented psychic abilities are available for all who choose to truly devote themselves to a path of fearless self discovery, healing and exploration. Many of the people who find their way to this page have already made pre-life agreements to begin this path and fundamentally alter the course of this physical incarnation. Are you seriously ready to begin intuitive training? There are only 12 spots available -  Please be sure to READ EVERYTHING on this page!

Starting in October 2022 we start the next phase of REAL intuitive training and psychic development. This is a multi-tiered 6 month process that involves a highly intensive path of private sessions, classes, and even learning to work with others in the context of a reading or multidimensional healing session. Since starting these training programs we have helped a number of people step into doing this work on a full time, even professional basis. 

The way we do this is by entraining the physical and non-physical body to a series of frequencies received in our private sessions, classes and group work. In this program you will meet with Matthew or Annora on a bi-weekly basis for 6 months beginning in October 2022 and ending in March/April 2023. In these sessions we uncover and clear many forms of trauma from the body - physical, spiritual, emotional, past lives, future selves and much more. We will learn and experience a number of tools including Multidimensinal Tarot, Scalar Toning, Capsule Phrases, and more. Along with bi-weekly individual meetings you will also be attending the 3 primary foundational courses we've built since 2019 - the 4th Density Survival Series - Chakra/Meridian clearing and the Art of Multidimensional Tarot and energy Reading.

In addition to private sessions and group classes participants in level 3 who choose to send in a DNA sample (fingernails work best) will receive weekly remote Rife Treatments for 6 months using the Spooky2 Remote Rife system. This starts with an intense detox process that can be difficult for some and can be an absolute game changer for others. At this time I do not know of anyone else using the Rife system in this specific way for intuitive development - Along with detox we can also target a myriad of conditions, issues, all sort of things within the physcial and non-physical body. You can read more about the Spooky2 Rife systems at their site, just keep in mind I have no affiliation with them beyond using their products in our professional work.

The Mission: To train a group of 12 highly specialized multidimensional operatives who have chosen to give their lives in service of planetary liberation and the expansion of human consciousness on the Earth plane. Individuals will receive private consultation and training in developing your true intuitive multidimensional abilities - understanding your speciality, and learning how to adapt this to fit into our current realm in a practical, usable sense.

The Process:

In session one you will meet with Matthew for a deep clearing of the organs, chakras, meridians, and whatever else presents. In session 2 you will meet with Annora for a full astral chart breakdown and a planning session for the road ahead. After this we meet biweekly for 6 months while simultaneously attending 3 live courses as well as an optional monthly check in for intensive group members. 

Course 1 - Starting Nov 2022 4pm est - 4th Density survival Series: Chakra Clearing and Activation Process:

Session 1 11/6: Root Chakra and Earth Star Chakra

Session 2 11/13: Sacral Chakra, Ming Men and Blue Flame Template ignition process.

Session 3 11/20: Solar Plexus Chakra, Spleen Chakra, Navel Chakra, and Liver Chakra.

Session 4: 11/27: Heart Chakra, Throat, and Thymic Chakra.

Session 5: 12/4: 3rd Eye Chakra, Bindu Chakra, and Causal/Portal Chakra Activation.

Session 6: 12/11: Crown Chakra and Soul Star activation and dimensional gateway alignment process.

Course 2 - Starting Jan 2023 4pm est - 4th Density Survival Series: Meridian Healing and Activation Process:

Session 1 1/1: Stomach and Spleen Consciousness

Session 2 1/8 - Heart and Small Intestine Consciousness

Session 3 1/15 - Urinary/Bladder and Kidney Consciousness

Session 4 1/22 - Pericardium and Triple Heater Consciousness

Session 5 1/29 - Liver and Gallbladder Consciousness 

Session 6 2/5 - Lung and Large Intestine Consciousness

Course 3 - Starting Feb 2023 4pm est - The Art of Multidimensional Tarot and Energy Reading

Session 1 2/26: Introduction to Multidimensional Tarot and The Major Arcana

Session 2 3/5:  The Suits, the Aces, and the Major Arcana cont'd.

Session 3 3/12: The Minor Arcana 1- We are the people in the your neighborhood...

Session 4 3/19: Minor Arcana 2 and other strange beings

Session 5 3/26: Understanding context, transitions, combinations, and general tips for practical reading.

This is by far the most involved, intensive process we offer. This program is for people who have already begun to realize there is something quite different about them. You've realized you are not like the other humans and are willing to push yourself, devote your time, and truly dive into areas of your life you have barely scratched the surface of until now. Please note - you will be triggered during this journey. You will experience a myriad of emotions, rememberences, old wounds and traumas as we systematically open and clear these energies for your Being - you will dive into the deepest reaches of your internal self and for those who are willing to truly devote themselves to this work you will come out the other side as a very different version of yourself. 

Still reading? If you are considering this level of our training I HIGHLY recommend only doing so after you have had a private session with Matthew so you can see what our session process is like. If you have not worked with us before you will need to have a very short online meeting with Matthew prior to beginning, I will contact you about this once your booking is made. The cost of this program is $3100 - a discount of around $300 over the regular cost of this process when priced separately. You can pay up front or make automatic payments after a $500 deposit to get you started on your first month. Please email me if you would like to join and need to make payments!

Here are a few websites of those who we have trained and worked with so you can see what has been created from the work we do -  you can also book sessions with these individuals as we know they are the REAL DEAL!!

Leah Davis -

Heather Jay -

Bianka Rainbow -

Nora Donizetti -

Rachel Ezdani Pinto -

Maria Lainvoo -

Ok guys we are excited to meet those of you have chosen to undergo this tranformation with us! After this process you will not be the same. 


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